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Dr. Steve G. Jones Hypnosis Suggestibility Quiz

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., who has studied psychology at The University of Florida and also at Harvard, recieved his doctorate from Georgia Southern University. Steve has developed this easy to use psychological tool to rank your hypnotic suggestibility. A more modern version of the Harvard and Stanford scales of Hypnotic Succeptibility, this Suggestibility quiz will guide you to a new level of understanding regarding hypnosis and how it can affect you. After completing the quiz, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to watch a free video about the power of hypnosis.

  1. When someone is giving you a description of a meal they prepared does your mouth begin to water?

  2. When you hear that your favorite pie is in the oven, do you smell it?

  3. While looking at pictures of food in magazines, do you become hungry or aware of your state of hunger?

  4. Do you empathize with characters in movies or cry when something sad happens to them?

  5. When hearing stories of loved ones, do you have feelings of warmth or love in your heart?

  6. Do you ever lose track of time while praying or meditating?

  7. Do books, movies, or the internet easily consume your time?

  8. Do you get ‘lost’ in activities you are involved in like playing sports in a group, or going on a hike?

  9. Have you ever experienced déjà vu?

  10. Have you ever become immersed in a book you are reading and ‘feel like you are there?’

  11. If someone near you yawns, do you yawn as well?

  12. When you think of your favorite food, can you imagine its smell?

  13. Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, you thought it was until you woke up?

  14. Have you ever dreamt you were flying?

  15. When you hear a good song, do you want to sway to the beat, dance, clap, or tap your foot?

  16. Do you relax by listening to music?

  17. Do you learn best by hearing?

  18. Do you learn best by reading?

  19. Do you learn best by seeing?

  20. When someone says the word ‘posture’ do you automatically adjust your own?

  21. If someone near you mentions they are cold or puts on a sweater do you become chillier?

  22. Can you recall with great detail any memories from your childhood?

  23. Can you recall detailed events from your teenage years?

  24. Can your remember your first kiss?

  25. Have you ever memorized a simple recipe or poem?

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